Letters To The Editor

23 May

This my Kittens is out Letters to the editors page and yes it’s real. In fact, this is Darwin The Daily Sumo and Aardvark Magazine mailbag mule.

Once a week Darwin makes a visit to the office with a cart load of letters to be answered right here. But since many of our readers are either incarcerated in institutions for the criminally insane, unable to stop licking the stamps because they are so damned tasty or just too lazy put pen to paper some of you may prefer to send in your emails.

Fire off any questions or comments to thedailysumo@gmail.com and use that nugget of yours and be creative. It will please Darwin the Mule greatly.


And thus…two mighty blogs were born.

11 May

I’m Jeff and I write and edit the mighty Daily Sumo and Aardvark Magazine blogs. I also take out the trash make the coffee and sweep up the drunks at the end of the day. I’m also available for weddings, funerals and football riots.

This is the editors page for The Daily Sumo and Aardvark Magazine where we keep all of the left over and generally unwanted trash and opinions that was unfit to publish on the front pages, so I’m stuck back here thankful that I run a couple of blogs and not a spank mag.